Monday, January 31, 2011

Yikes, Where has the time gone?!

This blog was created to keep everyone up-to-date on our lives, but I have fallen off the wagon myself!! Time just flies by and things seem to get away from you, as you can see with my last post back in '09. So many great things are happening for the Pugh Family right now that I don't even know where to begin. Adalyn is getting so big and will be 4 next month--WOW!! She is such a character and we wouldn't want her any other way!! We like to think she is the smartest little thing out there and of course she thinks she knows IT ALL!!! We finally sold our house and our closing on it the end of February-YEAH!! Not to mention we have purchased a new home in the mean time too! We have decided that 2011 was a year for change and have decided to branch out of our comfort zone and move out of Mooresville...I know, I know crazy, but we will be just fine! Come the end of February we will be residents of Plainfield, Indiana! So much is happening in the next 30 days that I am sure the blog will go by the way side again, but I vow to do my best and post as often as I can!! Hugs to all!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend 2009

The "All for Ellie" Team

Adalyn sporting her medal after finishing the race!

Adalyn and Gabby proudly wearing their Ellie shirts!

The Girl's after the race-Great Job!!

Me and Kate after the race! Way to go girl!

Having some pizza after that long race!

Adalyn working on her craft for Daddy!

The Masterpiece!

Cheese Daddy! I love you!

Adalyn and her Daddy on Father's Day

Adalyn and Jay being silly! So cute!

Jay and Adalyn with their catch on her Dora pole

Jay's Father's Day Catch

Eric, Jay, Steve, and Adalyn-How Cute!

Adalyn and Papaw

Eric, Steve, and Me-Love you Steve! You are a great Stepdad!

Jay and Eric acting silly!!

What a great Father's Day weekend we had! On Saturday, Adalyn and I did the 5K Ronald Run with Katie, Jeff, and Gabby on the "All for Ellie" team. I must say, it was a great day, with great friends, and for a great cause! Thanks for inviting us guys!!

After the race, Adalyn and I came home and worked on her "masterpiece" craft for Daddy for Father's Day! She was so into doing the "craft" that she got a little upset when we were done! It turned out great! She kept saying, "Daddy is going to love it!!" She was so right!!

I had planned on us getting up early Sunday morning, making Father's Day breakfast, going to church, hanging out, visiting the Dad's, etc. Well, when you have a 2 year old, things never seem to quite work the way you have planned. Adalyn is at the "I'm scared" stage and everything and anything at nap time or bedtime scares her. Saturday night was one of those nights. She was in bed with us, which she never sleeps with us, pretty much all night-yikes!! Between her and Jay hogging the bed, I had about an inch of bed to sleep on, so that means-I didn't sleep!! So needless to say, when I got up on Sunday, I had a major headache and my body was stiff!! Jay said that since it was "his" day he decided that he wanted his fav breakfast food from BK and wanted to take Adalyn fishing in the pond. I was Super glad, because I was able to stretch out on the couch and I got out of making breakfast-sorry honey!! Adalyn couldn't wait to give the masterpiece to Daddy so she ran into the living room to give Jay his masterpiece and said, "Happy Mother's Day, Daddy!!" Too Funny!! Finally she got it down pat to "Father's Day!"

After Jay and Adalyn spent the morning together we went over to visit Jay's dad and then over to my dad's for a cookout. Monday evening we took my stepdad out for dinner! Lots of great dads in this family! I love you all very much! Thanks so much Jay for being the best dad, husband, and friend! Your wonderful!

Love ya-
Angela and Adalyn

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Partyin' it Up for Kari's 30th B-Day!!

Our "DD" for the evening! Too Funny!!

Me and Jay

Katie and Jeff

Sasan and Amber

A start to a Great Night!

Kari and her Hubby, Steve!

Me and the B-Day Girl, Kari! Love ya!

The first of many shots throughout the night!

Being Silly! Nice leg muscle Amber!

Doing the old school fireplace pose!

Cheese B-Day Girl!

Our Motto for the Evening!

This was a handcrafted one-of-a-kind hair bow made for Katie out of a gum wrapper!

The Birthday Girl!!

We still look hot in the cage even at 30!

The hottest ladies in the place!

This cracks me up! Look at the Bride-to-Be looking at Jay and Sasan all crazy!!

It is a Jay Sandwich! Go Amber and Katie!

The whole gang after "several" drinks!

Party Foul! This is what happens when you drink too much!

Kari has officially joined the 30's Club with the rest of us-yeah!! Her wonderful husband, Steve planned a surprise 30th party for her downtown at the Claddagh on Saturday night. I really do think she was surprised! We had a great time there eating, drinking, doing shots, and chatting! After that we hit up, Have a Nice Day for a "Happy, Happy" Bowl, more drinks, shots, chatting, and of course booty shakin'!! We then decided to chill out for a bit at Nicky Blane's. After what seemed to be a 10 mile walk-really I think it was like 4 blocks, we arrived to have one of my fav's, a pomegranate martini!! The chillin' was starting to make us a little tired so off we went back to Have a Nice Day to shake it some more! We had such a great time helping Kari celebrate her 30th birthday! We are some wild people, I think 30 is the new 20!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missing Gram's

Gram's enjoying the beautiful day on Mother's Day this year. Cool shades Gram's!!

Kyla, one of my Student Council girls, helping Gram's with a Christmas ornament.

Me, Mom, Gram's, and Adalyn-4 generations

Adalyn and Gram's-How Cute!!

Gram's, Josh, Julie, and Phayth-4 generations

On Tuesday, May 19 I lost a very important person in my life, my Gram's. She was the rock and foundation of our family. Whenever there was an issue she was the one to handle it or help you figure out what was best. She always spoke her mind, which is where I think I get it from, and was a wonderful Christan woman. God was such an important person in her life. I know she is in a beautiful place with Grandpa, uncle Larry, and God. She is having the time of her life!! No more pain and is watching over us every day! I love and miss you very much and think of you often. I can not wait to see you again some day! Love you Gram's!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Me, Adalyn, and Mom (notice the pink, furry animal statue!)

Adalyn thinking my Mother's Day balloon and cake were for her!

Mom, Aunt Sheri, and Aunt Julie-All Great Moms!

My child being mean-imagine that!

Gram's just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day!

What a great day, Mother's Day! It is so hard to believe that I have been a mom for almost 2 years now! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant and then now she is almost 2 1/2?! Wow! This Mother's Day, like the others, was so special! Jay and Adalyn cooked breakfast and showered me with gifts! My favorite gift of all was Adalyn telling me all day, "Happy Mother's Day, I Love You!" How great is that! FYI, I really like the ring and massage gift card too!! Not to mention the beautiful boutique of flowers and picture frames! You guys are the best!! Mom joined us at church and then came over to pick up her gifts. Adalyn made sure to pick our really special gifts for the Grandma's this year (pink furry animal statues holding a red rose-WOW!!) After church we headed over to visit with Gram's at the nursing home! She looked so good! Thanks for everything! I Love you guys!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Wonderful April Day!!

Our little fisher"woman"

Daddy having a chat with Adalyn about her fishing technique

Admiring her worms

Counting the worms

Playing with the fish Daddy caught

Trying to bait her own pole

Playing with the duck umbrella

Molly, our other child, loves being outside too!

Adalyn and Binky the Clown

Feeding the goats!

Ad and Mimi petting the sheep

Hold on tight!

Ad struttin' her stuff on Teddy the Horse

Ad getting her face painted, she did great this time!

Adalyn and her cousin Emma petting Teddy the Horse

Adalyn and Emma on Teddy the Horse

Adalyn petting the "llama, llama" as she would say

Watching Binky the Clown may balloon animals

Mommy's Cowgirl

What a great God we have to have blessed us with such an amazing weekend! This weekend has just been wonderful! Friday evening Adalyn wanted Daddy to get in the "closet" as she calls the shed to get out the fishing poles. This girl is obsessed with fishing and worms-Tomboy! She got out both of their poles and went straight to the gate. So the family all enjoyed an evening of fishing and worm counting! Then on Saturday which was an absolutely gorgeous day, Adalyn and I took advantage of it, even though we are both still a little under the weather, to pick up Mimi and head out to Gregory's Orchard for their Spring Carnival. Adalyn had such a good time! She was able to pet all kinds of animals, ride Teddy the Horse, have Binky the Clown make her a butterfly balloon, and get her face painted! What a great day and needless to say, she took a GREAT nap!!